M – Sainte-Maxime Magazine #2

Release of the second edition of M – Sainte-Maxime Magazine

M02 Edito Joaquim PIRESSharing and promoting my city was the theme I chose when I had the idea to release this magazine’s first issue nearly one year ago.
It’s certainly not easy to jump into a domain that you’re not familiar with. This is why I made a few blunders.
There’s a first time for everything! I know how to innovate, create, and make dreams into reality—these are things I’ve been working on for 30 years.
With – M- Sainte-Maxime, I wanted to start a new adventure with the same objective: to enlighten people, but about a city.
The adventure continues with this second issue, which will lead you to discover the heart of Sainte-Maxime life: its shops, restaurants, beaches, must-see places, and not-to-be-missed events.
Discover the secrets of this city “blessed by the gods” that will never cease to surprise and delight me.
Happy reading.
Joaquim PIRES